After their marriage, Sam and Jessica Cyiza consolidated their music ministries to form Cyiza Music Ministry. Their first official concert took place in California in a small church. Since then, the ministry has grown to include live concerts, online ministry, and interviews with influential Christian artists.

Cyiza Music Ministry (also referred to as CMM) has reached thousands around the world through music and multimedia focused on pointing towards the Redeemer, Jesus Christ.  CMM stands on the Word of God as their anchor and guidance. The use of music videos, concerts, interviews, and articles are meant to point to a risen Savior. The goal of CMM is that through hearing the songs or watching the videos, the hearer/viewer will be brought one step closer into the loving arms of Jesus Christ.

Today CMM is comprised of Sam and Jessica Cyiza, and Daniel Mugorozi.

 “Singing is more than just singing a song or putting a tune to lyrics.  It has the power of transformation, much like a sword piercing and softening the heart, so that someone can be touched by the Holy Spirit.”    Samuel

“When the Lord opens a door, step through it no matter how overwhelming it may be.  The Lord has promised to carry us and to work through us to show others His love and mercy.”   Jessica

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