Ministry Update: Plant A Seed

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4:6

I am very excited about this phase of the ministry.  Sam and I have pulled the camera back out, are making more music videos, and Cyiza Music has continued booking concerts.  We have learned valuable lessons as we both are working and finishing school.  One of these lessons is that no matter how busy everyday life becomes, we still need to be intentional about making time for the ministry.

As we were filming “Trust His Heart” on the top balcony of our apartment complex, there was a nice older woman standing in the background for a few minutes.  She kindly waited until we were done shooting and quietly came up.  She was touched by the song and commented how she was so happy to have heard it.  After talking for just a moment, I was able to see the genuineness in her eyes and voice, and she had been truly touched by the Lord.  This is what the ministry is all about.  It is about reaching people who otherwise might not have heard the message.

I am learning more and more everyday to put all my worries into the Lord’s hands.  I have seen so many little miracles in the past two weeks that I know the Lord has everything taken care of.  We at Cyiza Music are continuing to practice, improving the songs and concert sets, and most of all, are dedicating our lives everyday to the work of spreading the Gospel through song.

If you have been touched by the videos, share them with a friend.  They might be like that nice woman we met, who had been brought closer to the Lord and given hope.  Some of us are to plant the seeds, while the Lord has others to cultivate.  Plant a seed today.

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